Llimchongc Llc

  • Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA, United States

After 2 years of living in Belgium and being a profesional athlete i decided that i wanted to follow a different aspect in my life so i decided to end my sporting aspirations and i  took to travelling around Europe by bike , after 6 months of riding around Europe i decided to relocate with my norwegian girlfriend in the city of Gjøvik, Norway. After some months here this is when i took my coffee interest even further by landing a job in the fast paced independent espresso bar called Krutt.
i have been working at Krutt for 3 years now and have become a fully experienced barista. I am very confident in my latte art and espresso brewing techniques whilst also having a very keem interest in hand brew due to Scandinavian countries being very much "black" coffee nations.
I am very used to fast paced traffic in the Day to day of barista life and due to doing many evening shifts alone i have taught myself to be very quick and effective at multitasking.
Outside of the coffee world i also have a keen interest in sports especially football and cycling as well as  being very intersted in music and collecting Vinyl.
I am looking to move back to England and plan on relocationg from June where i will be looking to find a job as a barista in an interesting city or town. I am very open as to where i will be relocated as i believe this is part of an adventure. I look forward to hearing back from you.