Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dentistry

As Pediatric and Orthodontic specialists, we strive to provide the absolute best care for your child's oral health. A traumatic dental experience during childhood can lead to a devastating effect on the individual's attitude towards maintaining a sound oral health.

Our goal is to make sure that each child that we provided care for has a great experience and actually have fun at our office.

We LISTEN and OBSERVE CAREFULLY to see how the child reacts as he/ she interacts with us, which help us to set a stage to be anxiety-free.  Their perceived environment also matters!

We've created an inviting atmosphere as little ones enter our office to promote comfort and fun.  Kids can play the latest games on a big screen in the playroom while the parents are checking in  They can even watch a movie in the operatory room to keep themselves entertained.

But most of all, it's our staff that sets us apart from the rest, who will be attentive and caters to your children's needs!